Alif Ovens

Biscuit Baking Oven

We manufacture and supply exceptional quality Biscuit Baking Oven that is in wide demand in the market due to high performance and premium output. The basic details about our Biscuit Baking Ovens are as follows :

Construction Design

  • Our Biscuit Oven consists of steel steam-tight tunnel that is equally divided into zones consisting of radiators. The ovens also have stainless steel expansion joints between the radiator zones to eliminate the expansion of oven section. It also comes with an inspection door which allows visible inspection of the goods being baked.

Firing Chambers

  • The firing chambers of our biscuit ovens are insulated with minerwoll from outside which increases efficiency of the oven by conserving heat. It is also fitted with an imported automatic burner and temperature controller which regulates temperature within the firing chamber.


  • The biscuit baking oven offered by us is covered with 10 thick mineral wool from top, bottom and sides. The bottom o four oven is specially covered with CRC sheets to avoid heat loss and for premium protection of the conveyor.

Baking System

  • The advanced baking system of our oven which has radiators located under and above the wire mesh band distributes uniform heat throughout the oven chamber. It also allows for recirculation of heating gases that can be controlled separately for each zone. The recirculation system has minor vacuum which stops the combustion gases from entering the baking chamber. Our Baking system also has a ventilation fan which circulates the heating gases thought the recirculation system and thermostatically controlled burners which set the temperature of our heating gases.


  • The fans provided with our biscuit baking ovens are fabricated using Mild Steel and Stainless Steel that are vibration and noise free and are designed to operate efficiently at high speeds.


Use Baking Biscuit
Weight 100-1000kg
Voltage 220-250V
Automatic Grade Semi Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Electric
temprature 0-100°c