Alif Ovens

Hardouh Cutter

We are one of the chief Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Hardouh Cutters from Mumbai, India. These highly efficient Cutters are counted upon for imprinting designs on a continuously fed dough sheet. They are also relied upon for cutting out individual dough piece impeccably. They are brought afore for pre-baking forming for marie, thin arrowroot, krackjack, petit-beure, monaco, and all other types of salty biscuits.

Operation :

  • The unit powered by 1.5KW helical geared motor and speed controlled by AC frequency controller. Drive is given to cutting roller only to accommodate different sizes of dies in this machine.
  • Rubber lined anvil roller is adjustable in height so that pressure can be controlled at both sides in parallel or independently. The anvil roll is being driven by friction of the cutting web, which is independently powered by its own separate drive. For safety reasons the cutting roll is provided with guard, removal of which stops the motor.

Application : Rotary CutterThe single head rotary cutter prints fine design on a continuously fed dough sheet and also cuts out the individual dough piece. It is used for pre baking forming for marie , thin arrowroot, krackjack, petit-beure, monaco, and all types of salty biscuits.


Size 10inch
Material Metal
Application Plastic Cutting
Automatic Grade Semi Automatic
Blade Thickness 0-15micron
Shpe Round
Blade Finishing Coated