Alif Ovens

Hotel Pack Wrapping Machine

âAlif Ovensâ is a trusted name when it comes to advanced and high tech Hotel Pack Wrapping Machines. We manufacture and supply superior Hotel Pack Wrapping Machines that are ideally used to packed different shapes of biscuits be it rectangular, square or round. The anti abrasive nature and anti corrosive property of our wrapping machine has given us prominent place among the hotel pack wrapping machines manufacturers and suppliers from Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Biscuits are manually fed into the conveyor, after which the nylon lugs carry the biscuits through the adjustable folding box along with biscuits paper for center seal by the pair of hot sealing rollers. The end sealing and cutting is done by rotating hot jaw.

Wrapping Material
  • Heat sealable material such as
  • 40-micron polyester ploy/foil
  • Pearlised B.O.P.P
  • Heat sealable B.O.P.P
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper poly
  • Common composite films with inner heat sealable layer

  • Maximum Width of Packing Material : 250 mm
  • Maximum Width of Packing Material : 140 mm
  • Maximum Reel Dia : 10 inch

Technical Data
  • Maximum Products Size : 60 mm
  • Maximum Products Size : 25 mm
  • Maximum Products Size : 60 mm
  • Maximum Products Size : 35 mm
  • Maximum Stack Length : 195 mm

Electrical Data

Heater Load Motor Load Total Load Frequency Drive Tempreture Controller
Round Heater
400w x 2 = 800W
Hindustan Motors
3 ph 440v 1.5Hp 1400 RPM Current - 2.25 A
VA = 440v x 10A Telemecanique Shiva Control System
Tube Heater
250w x 2 = 1000w
Primary Current - 6A
Secondary Current - 1800w
Total Load - 36 A
3 ph 220v 1.5 Hp 1400 RPM Current Load - 3.8 A
Eltek Make Induction Motor
220 V 1 Phase
4.4 KVA
L.G. Make
1.5 KW
230 / 440 V
Output 3 phase
Range 0 to 380C fek